Fascist Fellow Travellers Reclaim Australia Scatter Like Rabbits

The Reclaim Australia rallies planned for 4 April have turned into a debacle for the racist right in Australia. Since the exposure of the neo-nazi goons behind Reclaim by Slackbastard, the New Australian Defence League and Reclaimwhat.net, the fascist fellow travellers of reclaim have been attempting to distance themselves from Sherman Burgess and his bonehead buddies. Reclaim rallies have been cancelled i.e. Canberra or have splintered [Mackay, Tasmania] over the ham-fisted provocation of the Great Aussie-Arsehole Patriot, Sherman “oi ‘ate muzzies” Burgess.

Despite shithead Shermie’s claims of hacking and trolling by ‘leftards’, the fact remains that the leak came from one of his loyal minions, and that each word of his ‘Anzac’ provocation were all his own work.   The choice language used by the ‘great ozzie anus patriot’ about an institution (the armed forces) the racist rabble can brook no criticism of (why is it that militarism and racism mesh so well together) and the ‘surprise’ expressed by these reclaim wankers viz neo-nazi linkages have seen the pettier bigots supporting them racing for the hills. After all, who want’s to be condemned for being a neo-nazi fuck when you’re simply an Islamophobic arsewipe?

Whilst unfortunately, most Australian’s still prefer their racism to be draped in economic or national security  concerns like ‘closing unsustainable’ remote Indigenous communities or the governmental abuse of asylum seekers, strident shills for racism  generally won’t wash with the broader public. Reclaim Australia know this, and lacking any defensible political position, its supporters are abandoning it.

Until the next little demagogic dick comes along. And it won’t be you Sherman. Oink Oink Oink.

Jaffa Bin Liner



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