The content of this blog is:

a] Anti-Nazi

b] Anti-Fascist

c] Anti-war

d] Anti-Colonialist

e] Anti-Empire

f] Anti-Globalist

g] Anti-Capitalist

This blog is pro-labour/working class. It stands against the insidious practices of racial, cultural, religious, economic or ideological scapegoating of the designated victims  of the neo-liberal class war. It stands for the rights of the weak or victimised.

Fascist’s and neo-nazi’s are merely the brownshirts of global capital’s assault on the common people. Fascists and neo-nazi’s are declasse elements of the neo-liberal class-war who have allied themselves with the torturer’s, war-mongers, usurers and exploiters of the new world order. A fascist always sides with the powerful against the weak.

Comments are welcome, however libellous, racially derogatory, right-wing ranting etc will be canned, and the perpetrators will be trolled in return.

Annihilating Angel

lanti nazi1


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